Early childhood tooth decay

Tooth decay at an early age is very common among children below the age of 5. Also known as Early childhood caries, it should be avoided when the symptoms are seen at the first time. The child will begin to show symptoms in the early age and the parents should… Read More

Ways to stimulate Gum regrowth

You may find that improving your oral hygiene is enough to reduce the holes in your gums. However, there are many other situations when you may consider putting some effort into gum regrowth. Sometimes it can be as simple as having ‘bad’ genes, with poor gum health running in your… Read More

Top Tips to Prevent Tooth Cavities

You’re not alone in your fight against cavities, it’s a joint effort with your dentist and hygienist. To ensure that you are taking the right steps, though, you need to be sure to visit them regularly to stay on track. Tooth decay leads to cavities, and this can be caused… Read More

Abscessed Tooth? Brampton Dentist

When the tooth persistently throbs or keeps you awake at night due to pain, it could be anything more serious than an ordinary toothache. An abscessed tooth is a kind of tooth infection which is spread around the root or to the root tip. Pulp chamber is an inner tooth… Read More

Top 10 Worst Foods for your Teeth

Many people know that candies and all sugary foods cause tooth decay but some people are not aware that even fruits can cause damage to your teeth. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day will reduce the damage caused to your teeth and will keep your teeth healthy. But… Read More